Want to Know More About Cross Plains, Texas?

Cross Plains Economic Development Corporation

The Cross Plains Economic Development Corporation promotes new business, business growth and development and programs that make Cross Plains a more beautiful and inviting place to live.

The EDC offers an incentive grant to help businesses beautify the front of their buildings. The grant, which reimburses the business owner $750 for projects costing over $1000 or 75% of the cost of projects under $750, helps with signs, new paint, new windows, fencing, landscapes, and other materials that improve the look of the business.

Some of the recent projects of the Cross Plains EDC:

--Welcome signs at all four entrances to Cross Plains. More information & photos >>
--Girls Softball field. More information & photos >>
--Loan/Grant to Pancakes Home Stitchin.
--Loan/Grant to Parker Ironworks.
--Incentive grant business beautification. More information & photos >>

Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors:

President: Dannes Turner
Vice President: Jerry Castle
Era Lee Hanke
Joe McWilliams
W. G. McCoy
Mark Norris
Scott Byrd
Director: Debbie Gosnell

EDC Mission Statement
The Board of directors of the Cross Plains Economic Development Corporation shall expend the tax funds received by it on direct economic development. Direct economic development shall mean expenditure of tax funds for programs that directly accomplish or aid in the accomplishment of creating new jobs or retaining existing jobs including job training and/or planning and research activities necessary to job creation. The Corporation's focus will be primarily in the areas of:
A. Business Retention and Expansion
B. Formation of New Businesses
C. Business Attraction
D. Public Projects